This Years Best of The Best Award Winning World Class Magicians!

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Gregory Wilson

"The honest con man."
A commercial performer with exceptional
charisma and deadly magic chops.
Twice close up FISM winner.

Rich Ferguson

Popular creator and TV magician.
Known for adding psychology and humor
into interactive magic at exclusive
private events. AKA "The Ice Breaker"

Andrew Goldenhersh

"The magic and artistry of
Andrew Goldenhersh."
Breathtaking and moving!

Shoot Ogawa

Multiple award winner from Tokyo,
Japan, Shoot is a precision expert with
rings, cards and coins.

David Blaine

Popularized street magic with
several ABC magic specials.

Apollo Robbins

Professional pickpocket and manipulator
of awareness. Massive TV appearances
and interviews about pick-pocketing.


English magician, best known
for his documentary show
Dynamo: Magician Impossible.


Extreme close up magic champion.
Japan superstar and expert illusionist.

Johnny Ace Palmer

World Champion Magician.
Legendary up-close work with cards,
coins and even baby chickens!

Michael Kent

Favorite college performer around!
Has won College Entertainer of the Year
numerous times.

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